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Delivered ​by Leilani Miller
Our Products & Services
Our Commitment is to help women discern God’s purpose for their life and achieve their destiny through discipleship, using various media tools that God has gifted us with, for a woman's continuous daily growth.

These are our available products & services for you to choose from:
If you need a nudge out of the hole you're in, you'll find wisdom from these women who have found their way out.
88 pages of beautifully laid out poetry, Pearls of Wisdom from women who have found their way out, brief look at scripture, and reflection questions for the reader.
$16.37 donation + shipping
Help donate 2,000 of these mini-books to prisons, jails, and missions. "Delivered" illustrates how a woman who worships Christ, is set free! A one sitting mini-resource book and story for those who would like to be freed through one woman's story.

$8 donation + shipping
Studying the journey into wisdom. A seven week group Bible Study or individual study from the book of Proverbs with reflection questions and opportunity to write your own prayer for each week's topic.
$10.95 donation + shipping

I'm Not Perfect, Just a LIttle Wiser Book & Bible Study Set

$26.32 donation + shipping
"Leilani is an influential speaker and her books share about real women she's worked with."
                                     —K.K Washington
Speaking Engagements 
by Leilani Miller
Leilani is an experience speaker for groups of all sizes. She focuses upon speaking to women, but her topics are to be heard by anyone interested in the real world of living...especially in living Life with Christ.
$ Cost determined by honorarium or by mutual agreement. Please "Request Info" directly to Leilani. Online payment of your honorarium is available through our website's "Donate" form.
Leilani's 2016
Calendared Appearances

April 22-23rd - Flourish Conference @ Evergreen Church
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Staying On Purpose ​by Leilani Miller
This minibook is an excellent source of finding and staying on your purpose. It's a perfect fit for a 8 week small group study or for your own personal direction. You'll hear your next step calling, that God has for you!
$8 donation + shipping